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  • About Us
    About Us


       Who are we? Tahakam was established to find you solutions that will bridge the gap between the rapid progresses of technology and combined with entertainment and luxury living to form an integrated combination of intelligent control and provide comfort and safety.     ..

  • Our Mission
    Our Mission


    Tahakam is a new technology commensurate will  help Qataris  to reach the maximum safety and peace of mind, and at the same time get the luxury they deserve, whether you're in your home or at your place of business, communicate with family and your home mobile monitoring and control make  you  feel more comfortable.   Tahakam is ..

  • Our Vision
    Our Vision


      Tahakam l is looking forward to enable the Qatari people  to keep pace with the rapid development of modern technology and able to deal competently with his time and flexibility requirements and the enjoyment of these smart systems in the simplest solutions , according to its capabilities to create a home environment  Advanced and intelligent ..