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  • Product Selection
    Product Selection


        Tahakam provides an opportunity live experience as Smart house and His Located Front of the Aspire Zone in the Aziziyah area, Dear Customer make you to live in a wonderful experience to be provided by you smart home to help you in the selection of features and products that are interested in them and also to learn how to use these options available..

  • Design Services
    Design Services


      Specialized controls in the design and sales service crew will visit to your home or requesting place of work to provide the best advice that suits your needs with the commitment of the budget set for the project of turning your home into an intelligent house, then the crew to work with designers control the processing of appropriate design and presented to ..

  • Inspection and Installation
    Inspection and Installation


      Our Distinctive  installation service that Tahakam  provided to our valued customers in the end the high quality projects with speed and total commitment by our management time agreed to end the required work without additional fees during the project control.   Installation crew to have a coach to work with all household electrical appl..

  • Maintenance and after-sales service
    Maintenance and after-sales service


      Tahakam provide you with the required maintenance and after-sales service to our Dear Customer they are an integral part of the overall service provided by the control part. Our Maintenance tecniciens  are functioning properly for a long time without any problems knowing that the maintenance service is available all the time, but we're trai..