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  • Commercial


      Commercial projects of various kinds unite in the goal Economic finding solutions to save costs and solutions to increase yield in profits and is no doubt that the presence of an integrated system to achieve savings in the consumption of energy sources and allows you to project management best way to exploitation optimization of time and bring you the hi..

  • Residentialá


        Solutions TAHAKAM adapted to the various forms of modern homes attractive fit with the various forms of decoration by providing a unique set of control panels and a variety of colors and sizes  The technology for TAHAKAM used for residential solutions show no extensions or wires inside your home, adding attractive and luxuri..

  • Public Places
    Public Places


      Are considered public places with a special nature in terms of public interest, it aims to achieve the optimal use in order to benefit everyone and, of course, considered the most likely places for consumption, where the rules and followed the instructions in the end is less places for public use From this standpoint, TAHAKAM invented multiple solut..