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    Who are we?

    Tahakam was established to find you solutions that will bridge the gap between the rapid progresses of technology and combined with entertainment and luxury living to form an integrated combination of intelligent control and provide comfort and safety.



    What we offer?


    Tahakam Offers a new style for comfort and entertainment with full control of your home or your organization has a taste control, those who want to create a sophisticated and intelligent environment


    Way you are wasting your time and money to perform routine daily tasks while you are able to do these tasks with a single click from inside or outside your home via remote control by smartphone...


    Intelligent control that some might think it is a complicate system and costly but the truth is that it really simple and flexible system for the user and is available for all income levels and different budgets.


    So always we try to provide the best and easiest ways to control your world




    How you can benefit from our solutions?


    Tahakam provide smart solution control and more advantages:


    - Tahakam offer you a new environment helps you to rationalize the consumption of electricity and water in homes and buildings system also save your money.

    - oversight and the ability to control lighting and air-conditioning, audio and television channels and blinds, security and door locks gardens workshops.

    Control through affixed to the wall or tablet touchscreens or through smartphone.

    Automatic create a table with these devices help you achieve maximum saving time, effort and energy.

    It’s a great way to control your Family, whether they are children or teen, as well as the elderly.

    Get e-mail alerts or text messages in the event of a security breach or leaking water.

    - Show the place is stylish and Modernity.



    What are the parties that this system can be applied?


     TAHAKAM can control this smart solution by name “Automation “in any place, for example:


    Commercial and residential villas - Apartments - mansions - Commercial offices - hotels and resorts - exhibitions - mosques - sports clubs - Banks - Schools - warehouses - factories 


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