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  • Home control in Qatar


    اضغط على الصورة لفتحها بنافذة مستقلة


    Now in Qatar provides TAHAKAM smart solutions known as home automation is to connect the various organs and systems in the home together so that all can be controlled from anywhere, and bring about the desired interaction between them. Intelligent system controls the following:
    - Lighting
    - HVAC
    - Safety and security
    - Music and television
    - Energy saving and rationalization of consumption
    - Remote control by SMS


    There are smart devices which houses the system reliable smart keys that replace the traditional switchgear, smart sensors and other shop. For example, when you reach your home, your home automation system will automatically close the water sprinklers, open garage door, opening the front door lock, disable alarm, lighting the stairs, turn on the TV. It can also click of a simple device button remote control operation of all equipment related to "actively" specific, such as the screening of the film: Fshahh presentation will begin work and obfuscate the lights automatically, and close the curtains, and are converted all telephone calls directly to voice mail system and begins to play the movie, there are a lot of Senyaryohat and solutions we provide to you and your family.


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