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  • Five reasons why you are using Intelligent Building


    اضغط على الصورة لفتحها بنافذة مستقلة


    1. Comfort

    Our Smart systems help in the work of the daily routine for your life, whether you're in your home or in your office where gives you the possibility of programming a fixed time or date or specific days weekly or monthly specific task you set for him in advance, for example, provide you Dimmers or degrees of lighting characteristics of a push of a button and you are the conditions set sitting in your place or control of installed on the wall touchscreens.


    2. Protection

    There are a lot of alarms and warnings that can be used and applied as to be activated and to develop a secret code to the control panel, you can special program to protect the situation of children during sleep of sensors movement and adjust the appropriate temperature for sleeping children with the ability to see the children during sleep by surveillance cameras.


    3. Savings

    The possibility of savings and rationalization of energy consumption in your home or your company such as adjust the air-conditioning systems to work according to a timetable fixed in advance in opening hours, for example, as well as the light switch off automatically if there is no people in place by motion detector.


    4. Simplicity

    Simple and flexible in the use of smart where our systems easy to handle adults and young people with special needs, they simplify your lifestyle as much as possible and give a kind of elegance and sophistication in place.


    5. Communication

    Ease of communication and control of all devices that you own, where you can constant communication and simulation your home push of a button through smartphones or even over the Internet from anywhere in the world you can communicate well with the smart office because our systems connected and interrelated, and that's what makes them intelligent systems.


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