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  • Features Home Automation Systems


    اضغط على الصورة لفتحها بنافذة مستقلة


    Features of home Automation systems are endless and can be applied in homes - offices - hotels - schools - mosques - Fitness centres - hospitals - banks and others.

    For example, the advantages are not limited to:


    - Pragmatic and very flexible system where you can connect a lot of devices to each other with ease.


    - System programmer direct contact in case of emergency or the owner of the building (police - fire brigade - ambulance).


    - Control and monitor in your home or your business from anywhere in the world through your smart phone or computer so that you can control the security and protection for your home and your family even when you are far away from them.


    - Our smart system lack of low maintenance because they operate as required for two years without any problems.


    - Prolong the shelf life of lamps and electrical appliances.


    - Maintaining the building to be safer and more secure with security and surveillance systems.


    - Add value to your home or office even cope with the requirements of the age of your device which increases the price in the future.


    - In addition to a touch of elegance and sophistication next to the well-being and peace of mind provided by our systems which you smart.


    - Preservation of the environment in terms of rationalization for optimal use of energy sources.


    - Maintaining furnishings, luggage and artefacts from the diversion of water while maintaining the levels of temperature and humidity.


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